A peek into my living room

I have moved a lot in my life so far, Stockholm, Greece, London.... decorating each house as I felt at that time. From earth-toned walls to bright throw pillows, I was experimenting myself to find my own unique style. Loving reading mags and articles and being obsessed (!!!) with Pinterest, helped me develop that love for interior. One day I asked myself “How do I want to feel just looking at my house?” “Happy, relaxed, calm, cheerful” was my answer.

So I came up with a living room (which is also a common room, since it has my desk and my kids play area) of Minimal interior design with Scandinavian influences.I thought to give you a glimpse into my apartment and my decorating style; is one way of getting to know me better.

It's not difficult for you to do that too. Express yourself and decorate your house in terms of how and what you feel! I am ready to share my tips with you :)

First, you make a list of what you love and hate in terms of decor. Take pictures of houses, living rooms and bedrooms and describe your feelings when you look at each pic. For example, I hate clutter! Cluttered kitchen countertops make me feel confused minimising my impulsion to cook.

Then, find your fav colour palette. The combination of white, black and every shade of grey make me feel calm and relaxed; and this is how I want to feel in my own home!

Finally, think of the focal point of each area. For instance, I am a fun of abstract art on canvas. I feel that canvas' texture adds character in a room. So, for focal points I chose the frames to be bold and quite edgy with texture. You can create focal points by just rearanging your furniture and this is another topic we will talk about in the future.

As a final touch, I wormed up the place with wooden details and real life plants (details below).

High levels of apetite for decorating and feelings' awareness can take you to YOUR own world!

If you feel like asking me a question or want to share your home with us, tweet me at @tfortreat with the #livingroomtreat