Korres Pure Greek Olive Review

I'm a fun of many greek products. Mostly because most of them are mainly made wth natural ingredients only! I strongly believe that if you have great raw ingredients, whatever you do, is going to turn out great! With the best coconuts, you can extract the best quality coconut oil, with the best olive trees you can make the best beauty-line based on that tree. Of course, the method and procedure of processing is only up to the company, the brand. Korres is a Greek well-established brand that over the past years  has won many awards and has earned the "trust" of the consumer almost globally, including my trust.

I am going to review Korres new Pure Greek Olive hair line. The traditional packaging is not very appealing to me but, I have to admit that, is "travelling" the buyer to old past years, where everything was natural and the people were trying to find curing ways by using tree leaves and herbs.

This hair-line is made with extra virgin olive oil, which is a natural source of antioxidants, olive leaf extract and wheat proteins. It is compiled by a nourishing shampoo, a hair mask and an oil, which is actually meant to be used, not only for your hair but also for your face and body. 

The Korres Pure Greek Olive Nourishing Shampoo and the mask have a very pleasant scent. They did an amazing job at adding moisture to my hair and rehydrating it without weighing it down. The combination of both gave me a nice shine, a healthier look and the mask's price is very appealing. 

The product that really stands out in the line is the 3 in 1 nourishing oil (for face, body and hair) is a product with multiple uses. What I really liked is the list of applications with clear directions.  For instance, you can add into your face cream a couple of oil drops to maximize your day cream's moisturizing effect. Another application on your face, is to use some oil as a highlighter on your cheekbones after putting your foundation on. In that way you will get a glow and a more natural look (great tip for your summer make up!). The list of applications for hair and body is rather long, with a little imagination you can make it even longer! The 3 in 1 Pure Greek Olive nourishing oil is a moisturizer tool with maximum effect and endless applications!

The Korres new Pure Greek Olive hair line is an integrated solution for your hair nourishing treatment.  Although, since I am a fun of smart products, I have to say that the 3 in 1 Pure Greek Olive nourishing oil really makes the difference!